Creating a Good Canine Citizen an overview

Centuries ago, when dogs were taken from the wild to serve as companions, early dog owners began the process of assuming responsibility for each dog’s care and training .Over time, dogs were trained to obey household rules so they would be welcome family members. Today more than ever, dogs must also have good manners in public to live harmoniously within communities and survive the increasing challenges of anti-canine advocates.

Every dog should respond to at least four basic commands to function acceptably in public: “ heel ,” “Sit,” “Down,” and “Stay.” Response to these commands gives dogs the social skills that defuse anti-canine feelings and foster good citizenship. However your dog is not capable of training itself. It needs your help to become a Canine Good Citizen.

Training results in a controlled dog, one that does not bother the neighbors or their pets. Training dogs do not balk at grooming procedures or a veterinarian’s examination. Training stimulates your dog’s intelligence and gives its life meaning by letting it know how to please you. In an emergency, training can save your dog’s life.

A trained dog has good manners, which reflect favorably on its owner, its breed and its species. Canine Good Citizen program will help you and all dog owners everywhere achieve this goal. You can take help from your local club and private training schools to train your dog and pass the test to make your dog a Good Canine Citizen

Welcome to the AKC’S Canine Good Citizen [CGC] Program. Started in 1989,CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.