Message from CEO's Desk

 The show season for the year 2006-2007 has already commenced with a couple of clubs have already finished their shows. Unlike other countries where there are shows round the year, our show season is rather confined from November to February. During this short duration most clubs conduct twin shows and within this limited time it makes it rather difficult for the serious exhibitors to cope with the tight show schedule. Clubs invariably find it difficult to get judges to judge their show and because of this most clubs are unable to announce their judges on time which again make it difficult for serious exhibitors to plan their campaign. This only points out to one factor - lack of forethought and planning. You will all agree that success is a result of proper planning.

Exhibitors are cautioned that entries sent by ordinary post have no proof of delivery and sometimes could get lost in transit and the clubs will not be responsible. Further during festival times such as Deepavali, Christmas and New Year there is a great amount of postal delay and there have been instances where a Regd. letter has been delivered after 15 days and Speed Post after 8 or 9 days. Hence I appeal to all exhibitors to make sure that their entry forms are sent well in advance and by any method that would ensure prompt delivery. Make sure that every entry is acknowledged by the club failing which you have a right to demand for an acknowledgement and receipt.

A note of advice to the organisers: The Regd. Clubs have a duty to perform and it is obligatory on their part to run shows totally in confirmity to the norms fixed by the KCI, most important of which is no club shall accept the entries of unregistered dogs and clubs also do not follow the practice of acknowledging the entries.